When registering multiple linked accounts, billing groups and payer accounts in Ripple at once, you can do so by using the mapping sheet.

Mapping Sheet Composition

  1. Payer Account

  2. Billing Group Master

  3. Mapping

  4. Account Discount Rate

The mapping sheet consists of the above four components.

Payer Account:  
A sheet to fill in the information required to register a payer account to Ripple
Billing Group Master: 
A sheet to fill in the billing group registration and settings
Sheet for linking billing groups, linked accounts and payer accounts

You will be required to fill out the mapping sheet according to the settings of which billing group is associated with a pair of linked account and payer account.

Since the billing group equals to the unit for creating invoices, it will most probably be set for each client or department.

Once the mapping sheet is filled out, you may submit it through the chant function in the bottom right on Ripple or directly to our team. We will proceed with the batch registration and get back to you shortly.

*Please make sure that all the required items are filled before submitting

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or face difficulties in terms of obtaining the necessary information during the process above.

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