This article explains about the procedure of how to register your AWS accounts to Ripple.

Registering an AWS account (payer account)

  1. Click "Preferences" > "Payment Account Settings" in the left side menu

  2. Click "Add Payment Account" in the upper right

  3. Enter the required items Cloud Vender, Account ID and Account Name and click "Add Account"

  4. After successfully completing the steps above and making sure that the added account is in the list, click ". . ." > [Register / Change S3 Bucket] for that particular account

  5. Enter required items and click "Register" to complete

Required S3 bucket details:

Report Name:
S3 Bucket:

If the registration is complete successfully, "Registered" will be displayed in the "S3 bucket" column of the account.

Please refer to this article to if you are unsure about how to get the required details

Registering a Linked account

You may register a Linked account = consolidated account when setting up a billing group.

* You will only go to the "Account" setting when you want to edit or delete the account information entered at the time of initial registration

Auto-registration when creating a billing group:

  1. Click "Billing Group" from "Accounts and Groups" in the left side menu

  2. Click "Add Billing Group" in the upper right

  3. Enter "Basic Settings" and select an account in "Resource Settings"

  4. The list of accounts displayed here shows the accounts automatically registered on Ripple *Obtained from CUR

  5. You can automatically register an account by selecting the account to be linked to the billing group - the selected account will automatically be saved in Ripple with the account ID as the account name

  6. You can check the registered account from "Account" in the left side menu

Add from account page:

  1. Click "Accounts and Groups" > "Accounts" in the left side menu

  2. Click "Add Account" in the upper right

  3. Enter the required items and click "Add Account"

  4. Enter each item and click "Add Account"

  5. Please be reminded to create a billing group first as it is necessary to link the account to the billing group

Make edits on account information:

If you want to register all at once, please feel free to contact Alphaus support team. You may reach out to us via the chat function in the bottom right corner or the email address below with the mapping sheet attached in the link below.

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