After receiving ID and password from Alphaus, you will be able to log in to Ripple from the link below.

Login URL

When you log in, you will first see the Ripple dashboard displayed like this. Further from here, you need to follow some steps to actually reflect the costs.

Procedure to reflect the costs:

  1. Payer account registration

  2. Creating a billing group

  3. AWS account registration

  4. Click the confirm button on the dashboard

It is also possible to register multiple accounts at once.

If you want to register multiple accounts all together, please fill out the mapping sheet and contact us through the chat function in the bottom right corner. We will contact you shortly once the batch registration is completed.

Points to note:

The system is programmed to aggregate previous month's amount.

eg. if the confirm button is clicked in September, the amount of August will be reflected and calculated.

When you want to re-calculate or check the amount from the past months, please contact us from the chat room in the bottom right corner.

(You will be able to select the past amount by the end of January 2021.)

Having said above, please also note that recalculating will be necessary when changes are made on the resource settings of the billing group.

eg. when the linking settings of the linked account are changed, when the payer accounts migrated or when the tag and non-tag settings are changed etc.

Since multiple settings are required at the time of initial registration, please refer here if you want to do them as batch registration. You can do it so by filling out the mapping sheet as explained above.

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