In the previous versions of Ripple, it was necessary to set up invoice settings one by one for each billing group, but with the implementation of the "Invoice Template" function in this time's update, it has become easier and handy to organise and manage the invoice settings.


Creating an invoice template

After describing the name and description of the invoice template, select an existing invoice group.

*The settings of the linked billing group will be reflected in the invoice created after the linking process

Finally, check and confirm the invoice settings and details, and the invoice template should be ready!


  1. The invoice settings will be reflected from the next invoice created after the completion of creating a template

  2. Template settings will take precedence when the template is associated with the invoice, although an invoice has already been arranged with some settings

  3. You are still able to change the details of the invoice settings in the process of invoice creation even when using template

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