This article gives an introductory overview of Ripple.


Ripple is a solution that comprehensively manages, visualises and optimises cloud costs such AWS, Azure and GCP for multi cloud resellers and MSPs.

It helps promote cost reduction by automatically totalling up complex cloud costs and issuing appropriate invoices.

It also automates manual calculations which are conventionally done using Excel and helps reduce manpower and labor costs incurred for such task. More details are found here.

Things you can do with Ripple

  • Automate the calculation/billing tasks for each cloud costs

  • Effectively distribute Reserved instances and Savings Plans

  • Maximise reseller profits

1. Billing optimisation

By automating the conventional manual work and standardising calculation methods, Ripple helps shorten the work time and eliminate human error.

2. Maximisation of reseller profits

Ripple suggests the optimal amount and right timing for your RI purchase and utilisation.

Ripple and Wave

The appropriate usage fee will be calculated based on the customised settings managed by the reseller in Ripple. The end user can check the billing details and status on Wave.

It's time to explore Ripple to experience more efficient and cost-effective billing/invoicing operations.

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